We are in an age where we are now much more aware of the energy we use on a day to day basis, with many of us now opting for more green ways to provide energy to our homes. These are not always the cheapest, so here are some tips for helping to keep your electricity costs down as much as possible.

1. Check how much you are using – it seems obvious, but many people do not switch off appliances fully when they are not in use. Leaving items on standby still uses electricity, so things like the TV can easily end up using more electricity than necessary.  Always switch things off at the wall when they are not being used.

2. Compare the costs between night and daytime – some energy providers have two price bands for their energy; a night time rate is often cheaper than a daytime rate, so use high power machines such as the washing machine or tumble dryer (if you really need to use it) at night to save money.

3. Think about what you ACTUALLY need to use: many people use washing machines, dishwasher and tumble dryers as part of daily life, but often we do not need to use them all.  Ensure your machine is full when you run it, rather than just putting a few items in. This makes it more efficient. Tumble dryers use a huge amount of electricity, so only use them if you really have to. A better way to dry clothes, towels and bedlinens is to hang them up outside!